One of the most useful components of our homes is our HVAC, which obviously stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The HVAC keeps our home comfortable and habitable, by controlling and facilitating ideal temperatures for us. It makes our home warm during winter, and then it makes it cool during summer.  

With the benefits and importance that the HVAC provides for us, it is only fitting that we take care of it. Because HVAC, like any other systems running in our house is also prone to wear and tear and time will come when it will present some issues. To help you spot these issues to avoid further damage, here are the HVAC problems that you should be wary for. 

HVAC Problems 

Air Conditioning Unit Won’t Turn On

One of the most common HVAC problems that you will encounter is when you air conditioning unit won’t turn on. When this happens, you should not panic because your unit is not completely broken, there might only be some minor problems. This problem might simple be caused by tripping of your circuit breaker or your fuse have blown off. Other problems include loosed or disconnected wirings in the unit or in the thermostat.  

Thermostat Failures

Another common HVAC problem that you would probably encounter down the road is when your thermostat fails or have glitches. You will know this when the temperature on your room is not consistent with the reading on the thermostat. When thermostat fails, there is not much you can do about it because it needs expertise and knowledge about the technology. Simply contact a technician and have your thermostat fixed. 

Condenser will make things hotter than usual

One crucial part of your HVAC is the condenser coils, which is a component of your air conditioning unit. The unit gathers in the air in your room and then release the heat outside the house through the condenser coils. Because the coils are located outside, it is vulnerable to the accumulation of dirt and grime around it. When this happens, the release of heat is not as efficient as before, returning the warmth back inside your home. 

Problematic Ducts

Another part of you HVAC that commonly develop problems is your ducts; which are passageways for air in your room towards the unit to be treated and cooled. Because ducts are designed to be lightweight, so it can hang on your ceilings, they have the tendency to develop gaps and holes. The cool air will escape again and again, and your air conditioning unit will have to work more, increasing your bills.  


One minor yet annoying problem that your HVAC can develop is noise from its fan. This noise can be caused by displaced or broken bearings, worn, belts, motors that are enveloped by grime and dirt. To solve this noise problem, simply clean or replace parts that are dirty and broken. If you don’t have the time to maintain or fix your HVAC problems, better call professionals for HVAC repairs.