There are times when our car breaks down, and during these times we are left with the option of alternative transportation. One of the best alternatives we can ride on to go to our work or other chores is to take a taxi. Taxi is advantageous to other forms of transportation because it is readily available, safer, and faster. 

Our experiences when we ride a taxi though is varied; it can go from I will ride a taxi every time my car breaks down to I will never ride a taxi again and would hitch in with someone. One of the major factors that influence your experience in riding a taxi is the driver. The driver is in control of the vehicle and has the responsibility of catering you while on the ride. To distinguish a good taxi driver from not, here are the qualities you will find in a good taxi driver. 

Taxi Driver 

Polite and Courteous

Taxi drivers must be polite and courteous; they owe it to you. When you pay for the taxi fare, you are not only paying for the distance traveled; you are also paying for the overall service of the driver. This includes greeting you and being polite in talking with you. This does not mean that taxi drivers must use all the flowery words; it only means they should talk to you with respect. 

Tidy and Clean

Another quality of a good taxi driver is being tidy and clean. If you take a ride in a smelly vehicle with lots of trash and a haggard driver, then you would most likely never ride a taxi again. Because you are paying, it is imperative that you will ride in a comfortable and clean vehicle.  

This cleanliness starts with the driver; he does not have to be squeaky clean, it means to look like he is taking care of himself. Aside from making himself look clean, he also has to clean the taxi by throwing off trash and then making the vehicle smell good. 

On Time

Another quality of a good taxi driver is being on time. When you call a taxi company and establishing a fetching time, then the taxi must arrive on or before that time. From arriving on time, the taxi driver must also be skilled enough to deliver you to your destination in the quickest way possible. Remember that time is essential in riding a taxi, the longer your ride is, the higher amount you would have to pay. 


Another helpful qualities that a taxi driver must possess are honesty. When you ride a taxi in a new place, you will never really know if the driver drives you around the town to jack your meter higher. This why good taxi drivers are honest, they will take you to the closest route possible. And if you accidentally left your belongings, he will try to contact you again to return it. If you want a taxi company that evaluates their drivers on having these qualities, then contact Taxi, Durham Taxis, Taxi in Durham